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Rapist Denied Parole

victoriaplaceo started this conversation
Well as I wrote last week I spoke to the victim coordinator that stated that the man who raped me would be up for parole this month and many times they like to let them out early to make sure they will behave and do well in society. Today I found he was denied parole, not something I was not expecting however and I will explain why.

When I spoke to the victim coordinator she told me there were people I could contact to see how the rapist as doing (not that I would be checking on his wellbeing mind you). She stated I could call the parole board, his counselor at the prison, and the department of corrections. These are all important things to know if you are in a similar situation. It is good to at least have some knowledge if you can contact these places in your state even if it is for your own peace of mind.

So, I did contact the counselor that’s working with him at the state prison. I did not expect much because I know from common sense as well as my past work experience, even when it comes to offenders due to confidentiality, they cannot say much.

She was able to tell me that he had not completed his treatment and therefore she believed he would not be eligible. She then directed me to the board of parole, so I did call there. They gave me the same answer that since he had not finished his treatment, more than likely he would not be eligible. With news I did feel ease, however “more than likely” was not exactly fully comforting.

Another thing I did learn from the board of parole is that convicts are given a written review by the board. If the board thinks that the written review deserves an interview with the convict they are then scheduled for an interview, so it is a two-step process. I do suppose many already know that but I was not up on the info.

So last week after the review I checked and the status was not updated on the site………then of course I checked on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday………..and then today there it was ……..DENIED!!!

I do not like to be happy about another’s misfortune no matter what the case, however I was relieved that I have a little more time to continue life and improve my entire self, before dealing with his release.

So things to note:

- See if you can talk to your offenders counselor

- See if you can talk to the victim coordinator of the department of corrections

- See if you can talk to the victim assistance coordinator of the board of parole

If nothing else it may ease your mind or prepare you for the future

Victoria Placeo
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